No Worries! It Will Expire⏰

A truth about negativity…once it is exposed to the Light, the full picture becomes clear.

Be encouraged, as we endure various types of darkness/evil (negativity, mistreatment, dishonesty, division, hostility, etc.) in our communities, on our jobs, in our homes, in our churches and even in our relationships.

We MUST ALWAYS remember: ALL darkness/evil has an expiration date. It WILL NOT last always and you will come through it.

Remember that no matter what we face, we’re not alone. Our Helper, The Holy Spirit is with us.

As believers in Christ Jesus, through God’s Word we have been given the ultimate “spoiler alert”…that we have the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y through HIM!!

Be Encouraged Be Blessed & Believe ❤~K

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