Faith vs. Doubt😇🤔

I’m reminded of the popular credit card commercial that asks “What’s in your”… ? Well I’m sure know you the rest. (Maybe I’m the only one that gets the unspoken message in it; surely not.🙂) The catchy phrase seems to say: “No need to worry – you you can have complete confidence carrying our card.” Well the scripture above poses a similar message for me (and maybe some of you). Instead of “What’s in your….” The question here is, “What’s your prayer life position?”
Do you have faith believing in the LORD God to Whom you’re asking; that He can DO it? Or do you struggle, doubting He can? Whatever side of the question you stand, life will cause us all (yes, Believers too!) to have some doubts, and our faith will most definitely be challenged. But (spoiler alert ahead)…we can have complete confidence everyday knowing there’s NOTHING that The LORD God cannot do!!

When you’re facing a Faith vs. Doubt moment…ask yourself: “What’s your prayer life position?” Be Encouraged~K❤

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