Our GOOD Shepherd.🐑

Growing up, I would hear my Moma recite this passage of scripture. Over the years, and even after accepting Christ Jesus a Savior of my life; I always remained curious as to why this particular passage was so significant to her. Oh, but now that I’ve walked a little while (actually a long while now 🙂) with the LORD; I still may not “know” the significance it holds for my Moma. But praise God, through my own relationship with Him, I’ve come lean on this scripture many times. Over the years I’ve come to realize this truth…the LORD is The GOOD Shepherd. And that’s good news!!! May The Good Shepherd lead and guide each of you through this day; providing everything you need and protecting you as only He can. Be Encouraged!~❤K

I Love you Moma. Thank you for pouring into me as a child; what the LORD knew I’d need as an adult. Blessings. ❤

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