Allow your spirit to be infused with the promises of the LORD. Acknowledge His sovereignty. The LORD God is faithful to us, even when we sometimes fail to be the same to Him. Know that even still… He loves you like no other.

It is my prayer for you that the LORD meets you right wherever you are today. May the Holy Spirit minister to your heart through this passage of scripture from Jeremiah. Let it fill you with joy that you are seen,you are valued and loved deeply by the LORD God. Not just any kind of love, but one th a that truly is EVERLASTING.

He Cares For You…

The LORD God, Creator of Heaven and Earth…is more than able to address each & every need.

The LORD can address any issue or condition that you may think, you have to face, figure out or endure alone. Be encouraged my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus, we do not !!! God is always aware and always present with us. He’s deeply concerned about every single detail of our lives. He loves us more than we can even truly comprehend. This passage of scripture from Matthew 6, examines the LORD’S attention to the care of blades of grass and us.

It reminds me that if the LORD takes time to look over & care for even the grass… which is so short lived. Then why do I need to “worry” that He’ll take care of those He created for even more. You were created by the LORD for He purpose and He will always take care of you.It is my hope that as you read the passage of scripture, it encourages your spirit too.

Be Encouraged β€’ Be Blessed & Believe ❀ ~K

⏰For A Give Up on Giving Up…Pick-Me-Up!!πŸ˜‡

Life nowadays…

Just those two words said a mouth full!! So much is going on in our lives today. An ongoing Pandemic, social unrest and expression which features the full range of emotions. Everything from mourning to destructive outrage. Then there’s the”cherry on top”. It’s an election year with stakes running high on both sides….just as high as the stock exchange once was. It’s enough to make even the most optimistic, and faith filled, stop and take a deep breath and release in response. To some it up…life is definitely “doing the MOST” right now. Spirits are suffering blows left & right!! One could understand why someone would feel like giving up and giving in to the lows.

But there’s Good News!! There is hope and a real purpose for God’s people. He is with you, me and us!! His Word which is always timely assures us. Take a moment and allow the passage from 1 Peter 5:10 to resonate and minister to you. Allow His word to reassure you that God is aware, near, and in complete Control. Allow His word to turn that give up into a pick-me-up!πŸ˜‰

Be Encouraged. ~❀K

Like a Hot Cup of Tea 🍡… Let it Steep.

It is my prayer that you are encouraged by the Word of God. Allow His promise to “steep” (soak in)to the areas that in your life and within your heart that are bruised and challenged by life’s jagged edges.

Be encouraged, knowing that you have His blessed assurance that NOTHING will EVER separate us from His Love.

Blessings❀ ~K. Renee