Not “seeing” IS believing!!

When you completely submit your entire being to the Lord…it’s just absolutely the best and liberating action a follower can do. Trying to understand & figure out or to even  recieve, what the Lord’s plan is for your life; requires us to spend time with Him. Having faith, believing in His word, humbly going before the One  who knows ALL about your situation, needs, circumstances & YOU. I’m realizing that only  when you seek out the Lord and come to Him…laying all our needs, messes, hurts, mishaps, confessions, concerns and brokeness at His feet. It’s then that the Lord who cares and loves us, will show you His faithfulness.  Trust, and hold on to the unchanging hand of God.  Even with faith as small as a mustard seed… the Lord will enable you to truly “see” the unseen. And chane up the noted phrase from “seeing is believing” to; “Not seeing  with our limited human sight but by trusting, and having faith in the Lord Jesus is truly  believing!” Amen!!! Be Well, Be Encouraged,  Belive!! ~K  

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