There’s Power in Four Letters.

Oftentimes despite even our most cemented ideas of who our most closest friends and family members really are …can and will change. It’s not always such a bad thing in regards to seeing the person or persons from the lastest presented view. It could very well be looked upon like a “unknowingly” unique vantagepoint. 

This newly released side of the person you thought you “knew”…may look as odd and mishapened as one’s reflection does; in a carnival attraction mirror. But regardless you must remember that this “stranger”/other side is still the same person who you claim to know so well.

So now what?!?!?  Oh, the options are plentiful and the reactions endless.  But there’s ONE option that’s not for the weak at heart. Yes, and unfortunately it’s the one that’s chosen least in most cases.

Love in spite of ALL. The greatest weapon against the hardest of the hard. To truly L.O.V.E. another takes so much more than many are even willing to do. There’s SO much power in those four letters!!  When love is infused by the power and blood of Jesus Christ can withstand, create, rebuild, restore and repair like nothing else can.

Because the Lord our God is LOVE and His spirit dwells within those who love Him. Therefore we are to show this love to everyone we encounter. Even if it is not returned. Because love is not self serving. 

Be Encouraged Be Well Be a beacon of Love to another.❤ ~K 

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