The “Joy” of Being Used For a Higher Purpose.

Whether we realize it or not…there are going to be experiences we must go through on our journey, that simply put are NOT for us. Instead those experiences are opportunities for the awesomeness of The LORD God to exhibit HIS goodness and mercy through us. God who is Magnificent, Faithful and ALWAYS in control…is working the details we cannot see nor understand for our good. When you have been elected to be used by God, your life as you “know” it will begin to transform, through a collection of intentional, and perfectly timed events & trials. Your faith will be stretched in unimaginable ways as you endure. You will not understand. You will not be available to “fix” the situation. But having “gone through” whatever the particular circumstance/situation was, you become a witness (an messenger to tell the goodness of The LORD) & will be equipped to help someone else who is either dealing with the same thing you came out of  OR heading that route.  (Spoiler Alert: The LORD will oftentimes place you in position to encounter that person(s). I call them “Divine Meetups” 😇.) Allow me to encourage you…Stand & Be Sure!! The LORD God is faithful!! He gives us the VICTORY assurance through His Son, Jesus Christ!! Because of this truth & blessed assurance…whatever trials, hardships, disappointments, hurts & pains we face; each one of us as a child of The Most High God, can say with all sincerity we consider it all “Joy” to be used for a Higher purpose!!

Be Encouraged, Be Blessed & Believe ❤~K

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