Like a Hot Cup of Tea 🍵… Let it Steep.

It is my prayer that you are encouraged by the Word of God. Allow His promise to “steep” (soak in)to the areas that in your life and within your heart that are bruised and challenged by life’s jagged edges.

Be encouraged, knowing that you have His blessed assurance that NOTHING will EVER separate us from His Love.

Blessings❤ ~K. Renee

2 thoughts on “Like a Hot Cup of Tea 🍵… Let it Steep.

  1. I think the Apostle Paul was pretty sure that there would be absolutely nothing that could separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord!!! He covered all the bases including the present and the future!! We should all have the same mentality. While Paul was sure of this it caused him to live his life for Jesus all the more. I don’t know about you about you, but I want to be on board with Paul!!!

    • AMEN!!
      The words of Apostle Paul definitely challenges one to keep on track 👣 walking through the sometimes very difficult terrain of life. But like you I’m encouraged to keep on pressing and running the course set before me with the LORD.

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