He Cares For You…

The LORD God, Creator of Heaven and Earth…is more than able to address each & every need.

The LORD can address any issue or condition that you may think, you have to face, figure out or endure alone. Be encouraged my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus, we do not !!! God is always aware and always present with us. He’s deeply concerned about every single detail of our lives. He loves us more than we can even truly comprehend. This passage of scripture from Matthew 6, examines the LORD’S attention to the care of blades of grass and us.

It reminds me that if the LORD takes time to look over & care for even the grass… which is so short lived. Then why do I need to “worry” that He’ll take care of those He created for even more. You were created by the LORD for He purpose and He will always take care of you.It is my hope that as you read the passage of scripture, it encourages your spirit too.

Be Encouraged • Be Blessed & Believe ❤ ~K

2 thoughts on “He Cares For You…

  1. Matthew 6 is a loaded chapter in the bible to say the least. Worry is just one of many subjects that our Lord touches on as he teachers or preaches what we commonly call the Sermon on the Mount. I agree we do not have to go through anything alone. When I read verse 26 about the birds this thought came to my mind. We worry about a lot of things, but I have never seen a bird that seems to be worried about anything!!! They wake up early and start singing praises first. Then they start flying around looking for their food and nourishment for the day. Once they find it they take it back to the nest to feed the babies. Then they go out and find a twig or two to make sure they have a safe nest. And not one time do they appear to be worried about if God will provide for them!!! Glory to God!!! If he does that for them, why in the world do we worry about anything?


    • Yess!!! You are so right about it!! If we stop and think about it,nature is such a strong testament in itself and something that we can all observe. So I too, really reflect on that when reading Matthew 6:26…we without a doubt mean so much more to our LORD than the birds. (Hallelujah!!)
      I recall a particular time when I had written Matt 6.26 on a sticky note and taped it on my work computer. I as working in the state prison system, and working there could be hard sometimes. But whenever I
      looked at that sticky note;it reminded me on more than a few times that God’s got me covered!! He’s got us all covered,no need to worry we’re in the Masters hands!!
      Thank you so much for adding so richly to the conversation today!!!
      Be Encouraged & Blessings to you.~❤K


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